Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

yoon shi yoon dan justin bieber

malin kundang story telling

Good morning everybody, teacher are respected and friends that I love        For the first time, let me introduce myself. OK my name is Dian Yuanita. I want to tell the story of Malin Kundang. Here is a story,        Long ago, there was a widow with her only son. They  lived in a shack, in a village near  the sea. They are very poor.        Malin Kundang is the name of the boy, thinking, "if I stay here, I would not have a better life. I must leave this village and find a job" is. Her mother was sad to hear that. But he knew that Malin Kundang true. So he let him go.        After her son left, Malin Kundang mother who went to the beach every day and pray for the safety of their children. He hopes his son will return soon.        One morning, a beautiful big ship docked. There Malin Kundang and his wife. Malin Kundang mother wept with joy. "Oh my son Malin Kundang! You are home" hug! SHE youth  Malin Kundang not believe. He said, "He can not become my mother! He was a strong woman when I left him."        But his wife said angrily, "Why did not you tell me that your mother's poor and elderly?" Then she spitted on older women.        The old woman wept. He could not believe what he heard. "Malin I'm your mother." But Malin Kundang not listen. He embrassed to have an elderly mother. So he kicked the old woman and shouting at him, "Go ugly woman. My mother did not look like you at all."       The old woman fell on the ground. She was crying. Then he prayed, "Dear God, if he is really my child, so, to punish him."       After she screamed, no thunderstrom, it falls everything.The beach and destroy the village to see the rock that looks like a man. People believe that it is, Malin Kundang he turned into a coral reef. God has punished him.  OK. I think that all stories Malin Kundang. Thank you for your attention, and good living ...